The truth is, vaccines are far from a black-and-white issue. And many states are about to make them required for all children, no exceptions.

But many of us know that something is not right... yet we stay silent.

Whether you've done extensive research or something inside of you is just telling you there is something wrong, we need to stand together.

Several states are about to make most if not all vaccines mandatory (including 200+ that are in the pipeline), taking away the right to decide what’s best for YOUR child’s unique medical needs.

We MUST take a stand and say NO MORE.

Hi, I am Jeannine Yoder, a feminine life and business coach — and a mom and devoted U.S. citizen who’s done her due diligence when it comes to the big business of vaccines, as you have.

I’m NOT an expert. I’m NOT an anti-vaxxer. 

Recently though, my life has been a deep dive into the topic of communicable diseases and vaccines. I’ve been quietly gathering evidence, connecting with silenced experts and immersing myself in research that could open your heart and mind to a truth many have been too afraid to share... 

And of course, I don’t have access to any secret information at all. It’s all right there, hiding in plain sight. 

If you’d like to join our rapidly growing community of concerned citizens in Connecticut, add your name here (it’s completely confidential) and let’s get educated and take action, together.

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I recently made a video on my IGTV (@jeannine.yoder) to share my personal story — and my reason for devoting my time to this important topic so publicly.

I’m hoping by bringing your awareness to the three fears that keep the vaccine injured and educated quiet, you’ll see that the safety and efficacy of vaccines isn’t a settled issue — far from it.

As we join together to get educated and take action, let’s respect each other’s beliefs and views — we’re all in this together on a search for truth we MUST take into our own hands. 

It won’t be easy to wrestle the power away from a billion-dollar industry, run by the patriarchy and big pharma. 

We’re in for a fight — so let’s do this together

I also want to share this important body of vaccine research with you. It’s essential reading for educated citizens and parents like us who want to hold onto the right to make the decisions about our children’s health.