Do you feel something about your life is ready to change?
Do you notice there is a place of struggle or discomfort?
Have you been thinking new thoughts and becoming more aware of your old conditioned thoughts?
Can you see bad habits, parts of your personality or routine that are no longer aligned/feel more forced and you are ready to change?

Maybe it’s a chronic condition?
An unconscious privilege?
A money story that doesn’t match your creative spirit?
A breakup?
Your schedule?

You can feel the pattern in you, you're consciously aware of it and you are seriously ready to MOVE ON and have a new experience.

Breathwork is the resource you have been missing!

I have found entity release breathwork healing sessions to be the final healing my clients needed to break out of ancestral patterns, bad habits and identities that are not aligned with being a badass, abundant, feminine entrepreneur.

I was trained in Breathwork a few years ago and I lead these sessions at all of my retreats. For the first time, I’m inviting you to share this experience with me and my students virtually.

Click HERE to experience my Identity Change & Energy Release Breathwork Healing Session and enjoy the healing power of breathwork!

And I want you to know that what you are going through, feeling, and experiencing, matters.

A lot.

Every sensation is a sign and an opportunity.

Your tears are relevant. Your pain is important. Your resilience is needed.

Your identity matters and is an essential part of our collective experience. Your beautiful essence is pivotal medicine for the new emergent world that is rising.

How you respond to events right now and what your body cells hold onto, will determine your health in the very near future.

This is what people are saying about the Identity Change & Energy Release